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About J+K


We are Jacob & Krystle Robertson. Husband & Wife Photographers in the Central Florida Area. We love musicals, playing boardgames, and documenting the most amazing moments in people's lives.

Jacob is from Portland, OR and moved to Central Florida after school. Krystle was born in New Jersey but grew up in Orlando. We meet in early 2004, started dating in April of 2004, and married in February of 2008. We have two kids and 1 doggo.  

Our response to photography has always been a tad different. We are silly, love to laugh, and still treat your day extremely special. We don't take ourselves seriously which allows us to break down that "akward, we just met but let's document everything in your life" wall. We want to laugh, we want to see you laugh, and that comes through in your photos. As a team, we are also more geared towards connecting with you as a couple, then just being a client and moving on. We try and build lifelong friendships, not for business, just because we truly enjoy being surrounded by these great people. And with over 200+ weddings/events/sessions, we have a big family!

So lets be friends. We will laugh, sing musicals, maybe drop one "thats what she said", and take some amazing photos that will last a life time!


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  • Met Working at Rock n RollerCoaster in Walt Disney World
  • Married on Leap Day 2008!
  • Our dog is 1/2 Maltese and 1/2 Yorkie.  100% Sass. Her name is Maisel
  • We have 2 kids...there will not be a 3rd. We good.
  • We have 103 boardgames (As of 10/1/22)
  • Jacob's Former Jobs: Pizza Chef, Rock n RollerCoaster, Tower of Terror, Everest, Jungle Cruise Skipper, & 911 Operator
  • Krystle's Former Jobs: Rock n RollerCoaster, Caribbean Beach Resort, 911 Operator, Ritz Carlton,American Express
  • Favorite Musical:              
    • Jacob: Hamilton                
    • Krystle: Phantom of the Opera
  • Favorite TV Show:             
    • Jacob: The Office / Ted Lasso              
    • Krystle: Gilmore Girls / Friends / Schitts Creek
  • Favorite Disney Attraction:      
    • Jacob:  Indiana Jones Adventure     
    • Krystle:  Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)
  • Favorite Foods:                
    • Jacob: Tacos                   
    • Krystle: Sushi
  • Favorite Boardgame:
    • Jacob: Quacks of Quedlingburg
    • Krystle: Terraforming Mars
  • Krystle's middle name is Gayle. Yes Krystle Gayle. Go get a t-shirt
  • We used to sneak kisses in the Rock n Rollercoaster chicken exit hallway. Shhhh